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We at SSBA/ASSPM have noticed a tremendous need for a short term start up management company as well as a trouble shooting management company. We serve both purposes.

It seems that most management companies want to be paid by a property owner forever. We feel that once the necessary management personnel are hired, self storage software and gate software are in place, and all daily, weekly, monthly reporting is set up so the owner can sit in his office and see what is going on, daily, weekly and monthly at his or her properties, the mgmt. company’s work is done and it should stop charging the owner the customary 5% to 6%/mo of gross revenue. This yearly offsite management expense money then can go right to your bottom line.

We have been managing a portfolio of self storage properties for a number of years and have achieved great results, reference furnished upon request.

Please let us know if you need help to troubleshoot your existing property that is not performing up to your standards or you are just starting up and want to obtain the best NOI you can achieve.

We are here to serve, primarily in the Mid-West but would work in other regions of the US and Canada, if a suitable agreement could be reached.

We try to keep our services to be under 4 months at a property. However, if you need a longer time or further assistance after we leave, we will be glad to work out another short term contract with you.

Please call and or e-mail us and see that NOI increase. Please note that we only take on a few properties at a time, so call now. Thank you!

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