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The Self Storage Brokers of America team treats each client with the utmost respect and professionalism.  Our fiduciary responsibilities to our clients are never taken lightly.  The following excerpts are samples of what some of our clients had to say after working with us. 

We appreciate all the time, patience, effort and tremendous follow-up it took to find the right buyer for our self storage property.  Our property was advertised nationally giving us excellent exposure in the magazines, web ads and your website.  You were able to find just the right buyer from another state to purchase our property...We appreciate that to make this happen you took on the role of coordinator for all of the many players that were involved, including the buyer, the title company, the appraiser, and the banks, with all of their individual hurdles. It was a comfort to know that you would stand by us on all aspects of our property sale.  Your personalized service and concern set you apart from any other Broker  we have ever dealt with.  You can count on a recommendation from us anytime.

Mary McVay--Indianapolis, IN


We appreciate all the time and effort that you took to find the right buyer for our property in Bordentown, New Jersey.  Although, your offices are located in Indiana, we were very impressed that you were able to find a strong credit buyer in a short period of time.  Obviously, with your large database of buyers, as well as, your national advertising it was easy to reach that specific buyer we needed.  Your hands on approach to business is refreshing and your follow-up just as impressive.  We do appreciate all your hard work. 

Alfred Scheuerman--Hamilton, NJ


Most recently I entrusted the listing of a S2.5 million self storage property with Eric. He was successful in bringing this listing to close. Moreover we were able to close the transaction within 45 days of contract signing. This accomplishment is perhaps yet more noteworthy owing to the complexities of the closing. which included a wrap mortgage and a two-part funding schedule necessary in order to achieve favorable tax treatment. 

Jefferson Shreve--Bloomington, IN


Thank you for your efforts in the recent acquisition of the Bloomington self storage site. As you know this was a long ordeal and we are glad it is over. We like the facility and are very appreciative of your efforts. This makes the 22nd storage acquisition in 3 years and we are excited about the additional opportunities you have in the Midwest area. 

Michael Rhoads--York, PA


This is just a note to thank you for all of the time and effort that you spent to find the right credit buyer to purchase our two storage facilities in Enid, Oklahoma. From our initial meeting, to the sales package, to locating the buyer, to the closing and sale of our property, you have been honest, diligent and professional thru the entire process. You were instrumental in getting the offer put together and kept us and the buyer completely informed of every detail from beginning to end. 

Rhonda and Roy Lyon--Enid, OK


I am pleased to thank you for your recent work as the broker for the sale of our Lynhurst mini-storage facility in Indianapolis, IN.  This is our third transaction together over the last 4 years.  I have seen you work on both "sides" of the table.  You were thorough in your work and extremely helpful in negotiating several critical points as we raced toward the close of the negotiation period.  Your steady, consistent work helped facilitate good communication and made the transaction possible.  We greatly appreciate your hard work on our behalf.  Further, we look forward to doing more business in the near future. 

Rowan Claypool--Louisville, KY


We realize that all the national exposure that our property received from all the magazines, web ads etc. that  SSBA placed, was and remains the only reason that you found just the right buyer, ( in AZ, I might add) to purchase our property.  We also know that you covered the country, Europe and Canada with these ads.  Couple this with your large database of buyers; we knew that it would just be a matter of time before our property sold. Without ever meeting you in person, I feel I know you as a close friend; we knew it would be just a matter of time before our property sold.

Dan O’Leary--Los Banos, CA


I would highly recommend you as a broker because of your professionalism and affiliation with other self- storage businesses throughout the states.  You made it possible to reach potential buyers and keep everyone satisfied. You not only have high qualifications from the business aspect but you are a wonderful Christian man.

Jerry B. Webb--Bowling Green, KY


I appreciate all the time, patience, and effort it took to find the right buyer for my self-storage property located in Franklin, IN.   I know that your large database of buyers and all of the national advertising that you have done was the reason that we found that one specific buyer...thank you for all of your continuous follow-up and hard work.

Joseph Baird--Shelbyville, IN


...we received universal coverage and had buyers from all over the United States calling about our business.  He is a very good Christian man and I would recommend him to sell anyone's business. I will always feel I have not only sold a business but I also gained a very good friend.

Pat Davis--Terrell, TX


We want to express our appreciation and thanks for all your efforts as our broker in the sale of our self storage business. You worked well on our behalf in finding a suitable buyer and your professionalism was evident throughout the process. 

Rick Larson--Hanford, CA


I am pleased to recommend Mr. Eric Smith and his firm, Self Storage Brokers of America, lnc.  Eric was very instrumental in the sale of my self storage property in Hamilton, Ohio.  He brought numerous potential buyers to me prior to the sale.  He was very professional and excellent with communication during the whole sale process. 

Jody Amburgy--Hamilton, OH


Within a week of me signing the paperwork, my development site was listed on the Inside Self Storage website for sale.  It was also scheduled to go into the magazine, but... found a serious buyer before... could get it to print.  Within a week, I had a signed contract and had gotten a fair price. 


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